The Real Reason You Binge May Surprise You

Bingeing on carrots

When I was in an obsessive dieter’s mindset – limiting and restricting all kinds foods (umm, even carrots on some crazy plans) – I always waited as long as possible to eat. I thought this was a brilliant way to limit my calorie intake. The onset of my hunger actually made me feel anxious. In…


Three Tricks to Stop Feeling Out of Control with Food


For years, I could look at any food and know how many calories it had. My mind was in a constant internal negotiation about what I could or couldn’t eat. You would think that carefully calculating everything I ate gave me a sense of control with food. But my experience was just the opposite. I knew so much about the nutritional breakdown…


What to do when Bingeing on Busy has you Bingeing on Food

How to Not Binge | Holly Harmon

Shortly after a session with a client, I received a message from her. I could hear in her voice she was still processing some things we had talked about. She said, (and I’m sharing this with her permission, of course)… I always feel like I need to be busy and getting things done. Then, I get overwhelmed because I…


A few of my favorite things

How to feed my soul - Holly Harmon

Have you ever noticed that when you feel fed emotionally, you’re less inclined to use food to “fill” you? For years, I spent so much time trying to control my next food choice that I had no time to notice what fed my soul. My choices were always based on what was low in calories or “healthy”. I…


3 Tips: When You Keep Eating That Food You Gave Up

How to eat what you want | Holly Harmon Health

I know that shortly after eating pancakes, I feel lethargic and get cranky and then crave more sugar and carbs. And yet, some Saturday mornings, I still choose to have them anyway. Here’s why… Eating isn’t as simple as making the “right” choice based on nutrition or calories. Sometimes, you just want pancakes (or whatever the food may be for…


4 Tips to KEEP Off The Weight

How to Keep Off the Weight - Holly Harmon Health

When I used to obsess about everything I ate, I lost weight. But not for long. The process always started the same. I would put all my attention on a new way of controlling food by counting calories, or points, or fat grams. You name it and I’m sure I’ve tried it. When I would drop a few pounds, I would…