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3 Tips: When You Keep Eating That Food You Gave Up

I know that shortly after eating pancakes, I feel lethargic and get cranky and then crave more sugar and carbs. And yet, some Saturday mornings, I still choose to have them anyway.

Here’s why…

Eating isn’t as simple as making the “right” choice based on nutrition or calories. Sometimes, you just want pancakes (or whatever the food may be for you) because they taste good, or they remind you of Saturday mornings with your family, or because you want to share in the joyful experience of what everyone else is eating.

So, if you have been telling yourself to avoid certain foods, but find you still really want them…

Ask yourself why you want these foods.

Do you feel deprived of the food because you tell yourself you can’t have it?

Do you have an emotional connection to the food?

Do you want the food because it simply tastes good and you’d like to eat it?

When you give yourself space to learn this valuable information, you will get out of the judgy place in your head that triggers guilt and anxiety. (Where you get disconnected from your body and end up mindlessly overeating.) This new information should feel empowering!

Instead of fighting with yourself to avoid these foods, in a battle you never win, use this information to create a better experience for you and your body!

Start by exploring versions made with higher quality ingredients.

3 tips to get you started:

  1. Organic! Look for options that are organic or made with organic ingredients.
  2. Get the real deal. No low fat, low carb, low calorie stuff. Skip the light, “lite,” or diet options that are actually bursting at the seams with fillers and unnecessary additives. By eating more real ingredients, you will eat less and enjoy more.
  3. Read the ingredients on the food label. Ingredients give you more insight about your food than the nutrition facts themselves. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, your body probably won’t either. The cleaner the ingredients, the sooner your body will be satisfied and your craving will likely subside. Artificial ingredients hold onto weight, leave you feeling lethargic, and are often the starting point for disease.

Don’t forget to have fun getting to know your body and experimenting with different options!

Next week, I’ll give you my tips on how to avoid the crash after eating those pancakes. 😉

Tight squeeze,