Why Your Junk Drawer Could Be Keeping You From Losing Weight

When I was little, my parents heard bumps and bangs coming from my room every few months. They knew what was going on. I was rearranging again. They would come in later and see that I had moved all my furniture, stuffed animals, and books to new places in the room. I didn’t know what that…


I just want to eat normally

How to Eat Normally - Holly Harmon Health

I used to eat weird combinations of foods like rolled up turkey and cheese slices as a meal. Sometimes just a half of a bagel with no cream cheese and lots of celery sticks and carrots that, of course, never made me feel full. When I saw other people order a sandwich with potato chips, I thought they must be…


The Hustle Trap (and my greatest escape trick you never considered!)

For many years the way I worked in school, and later in my career, was similar to how I obsessed about food. I put so much time, attention, and effort in because I always felt, “I should be doing better.” In college, I received awards and scholarship money to study in Spain. I minored in American Sign Language and…


Why you should eat cookies in public

I was sitting at a funky little restaurant’s community table typing, deleting, and staring at my laptop screen. I usually write to you about one of my many stories where I felt crazy about food and how I overcame it. But, on that day nothing I wrote was coming out how I wanted it to. Then, two women came into the restaurant and sat down…


A food story on how to be vulnerable

Katherine and I worked together when she was a 25 year old full-time professional and Masters student in Washington, DC. She found writing a great channel to shift her experience with food and her body. I’m so excited to share with you how things have unfolded for her! Without further ado, meet Katherine. It’s hard for me to…


What you should be eating

What you should be eating - Holly Harmon

Flashback to my twenties. I’m waiting in line at the grocery store with my “lite” microwaveable meals and 100-calorie snacks. At checkout, I always grabbed the glossy magazines with the articles about cutting belly fat or losing 10 pounds in 10 days — I was drawn to anything with plans and tips about what you should be eating….


The Lonely Side of Dieting – How to Stop Obsessing about Food

How to Kick an Obsession with Food

If you’re anything like I was in my twenties, you tell anyone who will listen to you about the new way you’re eating–because “it’s totally working this time.” But, when you decide to “cheat” with a little treat, it spirals into blacking out, eating as fast as you can, and coming-to totally stuffed. On days like this, you hide out and can’t begin…


How to never fail a diet again (you may not have thought of this one!)

prego sundae

I became so bitchy when I did a low-carb diet with my girlfriends in college. One night, we all went over to my friend’s apartment after classes to measure out the foods “allowed” for dinner that night. I thought I would feel better after I ate, but I still felt so irritated, all I wanted to do was bite someone’s…


Is “OMG, my thighs are so gross…” getting you to your goal weight?

BM Prego Workout

“I can’t wear skinny jeans! Have you seen these thighs!?” “Oh my god, I can’t believe she’s wearing that. Look at her arms!” “My stomach is so nasty. I can’t believe I ate that piece of bread!” Sound like a scene from Mean Girls? This is actually a peek into everyday conversations I had with my girlfriends from my…