My biggest surprise after working with Holly was how easy it is to feel in control around food…and everything else! I never thought things would get so simple.  I have more confidence, comfort, ability to eat what I want, when I want, and ENJOY! My approach to my career and purpose, my appearance, weight and size has changed. I have increased love for my body, true appreciation for health and vitality as a WHOLE PERSON.”

-CF, age 24, Law School Candidate

I no longer consider food the enemy. Food used to have a lot of negative emotions tied to it. With Holly’s instruction, I have learned to choose better and healthier options to replace foods that used to be so hard to resist. Holly is easy to talk to and knows her stuff as well as living the program she has produced.”

-JB, age 49, Web Developer

“Holly has helped me pop the bubble on emotional eating. I’d recommend someone to work with Holly as an alternative to years of punishing yourself with diets (and self-loathing) that only make the problem worse. My ability to connect my body with food is breaking through like sunshine through impenetrable dark clouds.” 

-MJ, age 44, Freelance Writer

“I have struggled with my weight my entire life. In just a few weeks with Holly, I have literally eliminated cravings for foods that have haunted me for 35 years. She is nothing less than a miracle worker. I have lost weight and sizes, but more importantly, gained food sanity for the first time in my entire life!”

–JW, age 36, Real Estate Agent

“I’ve learned from Holly that it is important to listen to your body whether its cravings, avoid certain foods or the need for “me” time. When I get in a good routine of what Holly has recommended and try to reach certain goals I definitely feel a change in how I feel physically and mentally. Holly is great at working with you and making a change little by little without adding any pressure.

-EL, age 26, Stylist

“Holly taught me the importance of exploring my actions and thoughts, rather than judging and criticizing them. She helped me realize that although this was a very private journey, I did not need to go it alone. She is an inspiration herself, and a living, walking example. On top of all these wonderful things, Holly shed light on a new career path that I would someday like to take after – holistic counseling!”

-SH, age 25, Yoga Instructor

“In our sessions I learned that all of the emotions and thoughts I had about food and using them as an emotional tool were normal (i.e. it made sense why I was using food that way), and working with you helped me shift from using food as an emotional tool to really dealing with my emotions in a productive way.”

-SB, age 36, International Development

What I have gotten from our sessions is a whole lot more than I expected! I found myself drawn to talk more about my emotional well-being and situational challenges (work, finances, relationships) – at first I wondered if I was maybe using our time inappropriately. I have come to realize that that is not the case. The tools and techniques you have shared with me have been immensely helpful. I think that it’s important to note that your generosity with sharing your own experiences is also a source of great comfort and inspiration. Thank you.”

-SO, age 42, Consultant

Before working with Holly I didn’t really talk to anyone about my struggle with food.  I internalized most of it.  I would make comments about my weight to trusted friends and companions, but would never talk about the actual struggle with food.  I felt helpless and like I didn’t know what to do besides try to starve myself or stay away from carbs.

The idea that Holly struggled in the past and is now so healthy and vibrant gave me peace and motivated me to really learn and love the whole experience of working with her. 

The biggest relief I’ve felt since working with Holly is to the feeling of control.  The feeling of hunger used to bring on anxiety. Now I trust myself with food.  I know that I have the knowledge and connection with my body to provide nourishing and energizing food to myself.  Although it sounds weird, I even feel relief when I am in the mood for pizza because I now understand my body and know I won’t overdo it and will go back to craving nourishing food!”

-LS, 29, Attorney

“I was unsure what to expect since I already knew a lot about nutrition, but I learned how to really listen to my body and trust that it will tell me what I need and don’t need. Not only do I now have a great relationship with food and feel like I am in control, but my self confidence has grown immensely.  I am forever grateful to Holly.”

-RC, age 29, Entrepreneur

I chose to work with you because you shared your personal story and believed in it enough to change your career and help other people face their own challenges.”

– EJ, 40, Professional

Food is not the enemy!  I now talk about food in a positive and joyful manner. Her program was not stressful. It’s all about what you CAN do vs. you’ve got to stop doing x or y. The information and tools are well structured and tailored to each individual’s needs.”

-MG, age 55, Federal Employee